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The address to get professionally waxed in The Hague? Delete Professionals in Waxing is the answer! With heart and soul, Our Wax Angels wax your entire body, specializing in your intimate area.

Delete Professionals in Waxing

Welcome to Delete, the best place to get waxed in The Hague! Waxing in The Hague is nowhere as nice as with us. The well-known Brazilian Wax, the waxing of the pubic area according to the Brazilian method, is our specialty. Our Wax Angels know exactly how to make a Brazilian wax as comfortable and painless as possible. The secret? Our own training institute where they learned the tricks of the trade to perfection! And, of course, our Wax Angels don’t just wax your intimate area, because Delete Professionals in Waxing is making a name for itself with every conceivable wax treatment. From waxing your eyebrows in The Hague to waxing your legs in The Hague: you can do it all at Delete!

Schedule your own appointment online

Making an appointment at a wax salon in The Hague is super easy. You can simply schedule a time online on our website that is most convenient for you. The wax treatment does not take long, but it is professionally performed with utmost care by our own Wax Angels. They make sure you feel nice and relaxed, and that the treatment is efficient and beautiful. Before you know it, the wax turn is done, and you’re outside hair-free! Your skin feels wonderfully supple and soft, looks even and has no stubble at all. Plus, you won’t get irritation when the hairs grow back over time because they will be thinner, fluffy and soft. So join our wax revolution!

Brazilian waxing in The Hague at Delete

Would you like to enjoy a soft and smooth pubic area for 3 to 6 weeks? No shaving then, your intimate area, but make an appointment for Brazilian waxing in The Hague at Delete! Making an appointment to get waxed by our Angels in The Hague can easily be done through our website, payment in salon will come later. Waxing in The Hague can also be done at Delete in one of the most beautiful spots of the Hofstad; our Wax Angels are ready for you 7 days a week from early in the morning until late at night to wax you in The Hague at the Frederik Hendriklaan. But even more important than the location: Delete offers the best Brazilian Wax treatment you can find in The Hague. And to get the most out of waxing, we even have our own line of pre- and aftercare products. In short: Brazilian waxing in The Hague is done by Delete!

Delete pre-and aftercare buy in The Hague

When you get waxed in The Hague by a professional from Delete, you can be sure you’re making the right choice. Our Wax Angels have learned at the Delete Academy how to make the treatment as comfortable and painless as possible, but they can also tell you all about the care products that Delete has developed themselves! Do you want to get the most out of waxing in The Hague? Then the Delete pre- and aftercare products are an absolute must! Take for example the Soul Scrub to prepare your skin for waxing, or the Cool Sense body lotion that prevents redness after a Brazilian wax. And to combat ingrowing hairs, we have launched the Smooth Touch. And that’s just a fraction of the full range of Delete pre- and aftercare you can buy at the salon in The Hague. Our Wax Angels are happy to show you our entire skin care line.

Men can also wax in The Hague

Delete is a specialist in (Brazilian) waxing of women and men. And since more and more men are realizing that getting their pubic area waxed in The Hague is a perfect way to get rid of hair for weeks on end, the number of men getting waxed in The Hague is steadily increasing. Of course, that’s not a problem for our Wax Angels; at Delete, truly everyone is welcome for the best wax treatments in the Netherlands. In addition, the Boyzilian Wax (the Brazilian wax for men) is part of their specialty. And as a man, do you not want to wax the intimate parts of your body, but your chest, back or legs in The Hague? You can! At Delete Professionals in Waxing, men can have their entire body waxed.

Affordable waxing in The Hague

Did you know that Brazilian waxing in The Hague does not have to be expensive at all? At least not if you close the Delete Deal. If you plan to book a Brazilian wax regularly, then this unique membership deal is really for you. That’s because the Delete Deal gives you a big discount on every Brazilian wax you book with us. In addition, as a Delete member you will also receive a discount on all other wax treatments, and you may come and wax in The Hague and in our other salons as often as you like. Shall we tell you something? With the Delete Deal, you will easily save €140,- euros per year! And you won’t have to buy shaving cream, razors, shaving gel and other shaving gear either if you choose to get waxed by our Wax Angels in The Hague.

Popular waxing in The Hague

Waxing in The Hague is hugely popular with men and women thanks to Delete. Would you also like to learn about the best hair removal method but don’t know which treatment to book? In our salon in The Hague, these 5 treatments are the most booked:

  1. Brazilian Wax
  2. Bikini Wax
  3. Legs Wax
  4. Boyzilian Wax
  5. Back Wax

Book your wax treatment near Scheveningen

Our Wax Angels in The Hague are ready to wax you and can’t wait to see you at the salon. When will you stop by to learn about the best Brazilian wax in town or any of our other treatments? Book an appointment now!

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