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Let’s talk about something that both men and women have to deal with: hair on the upper lip. For some, these hairs are light and downy, for others, dark and coarse. Opinions are divided about hair on the upper lip, but visible hair on a women’s upper lip is generally considered unattractive and undesirable. Attempts to remove this hair with a razor, epilator or hair removal cream often leads to unsightly stubbles and wounds, or do not give the desired results. Are there hairs growing on your upper lip that you would like to get rid of? Then it’s time to choose upper lip waxing!

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Upper lip waxing at home vs a specialist

If you want to wax your upper lip, you have two choices: wax yourself or have it waxed. Doing it yourself sounds like a good idea: it is not difficult, and the supplies can be bought online or at your local drugstore. Ready-made wax strips, strip-free wax, sugar wax, wax spatulas; it is all widely available. Moreover, products to wax your upper lip are quite affordable.

However, self-waxing is not easy and unforeseeable things can happen. For example: severe pain due to applying the wrong waxing technique, an irritated upper lip, a rash, and even wax burns can occur after upper lip waxing. Would you rather play it safe? Then opt to have the hairs waxed by a professional.

Benefits of an upper lip wax

So, waxing your upper lip yourself involves some risk. Instead, having it waxed by a professional is fast, effective, and safe, especially if you choose a waxing treatment at Delete. Regardless of whether your upper lip hairs are barely visible or prominent, at Delete we are very experienced in this kind of wax treatment. Our Wax Angels master the waxing techniques to perfection, we use the extremely skin-friendly Delete wax, and we do everything we can to make your treatment as painless as possible. Even with sensitive skin, you can get your upper lip waxed at Delete.

Prevent irritated upper lip after hair removal

In some cases, upper lip waxing causes redness, a rash or irritated skin. To avoid discomfort after a treatment, it is important to prepare the sensitive skin on your upper lip and lubricate it with a cream containing cooling and caring ingredients after your treatment. The waxing technique used largely determine whether red skin or irritation will occur.

If you book a wax treatment at Delete, the Wax Angels will take care of the pre- and aftercare, and you are assured of the right waxing techniques. Is skin irritation after a professional wax entirely out of the question? The chances of upper lip skin irritation are considerably higher when you do it yourself compared to our Wax Angels. Unfortunately, irritation or redness can never be completely ruled out after an upper lip wax. In the unlikely event that irritation does occur a wax treatment at Delete, expect it to look normal again within a few hours.

How often do you have to wax your upper lip?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of waxing your upper lip, you are probably wondering how often you should wax your upper lip? The frequency depends on several factors, such as the speed of your hair growth and the waxing technique used. If you are just starting to wax, you will need to perform the treatment every three weeks on average. As the hair on your upper lip is waxed more often, it will take more and more time for the hair to grow back.

But note: this only applies when the hairs have been removed with their entire root. You can be confident that this will happen if you choose to have your upper lip waxed at Delete. And did you know that after waxing, the hairs on your upper lip will stay away for up to three to six weeks? This is up to 10 times longer in comparison to shaving your upper lip!

Is upper lip waxing painful?

We must be honest: Waxing your upper lip can be painful, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you wax yourself. Do you fear the pain of waxing? Then leave it to our Wax Angels! At Delete, we have the right skills, the best wax and know how to reassure you if necessary.

90% of our clients say that they experienced very minimal pain during their upper lip wax treatment.

How much does an upper lip wax cost?

At Delete, this treatment is among the cheapest one’s. Having your upper lip waxed is obviously not cheaper than waxing yourself, but if you choose to wax at Delete, you are guaranteed a safe and successful treatment. One that minimizes the risk of pain and skin irritation and ensures a long-lasting smooth result. And that makes a waxing treatment worth every penny!

Price: 14,95

Delete Deal: €12,45

Upper lip wax treatment with Delete Waxing

Are you irritated by the hair growth on your upper lip and are you looking for the best way to wax your upper lip? Then stay away from shaving, tweezing and depilatory creams and get your upper lip waxed by Delete Waxing’s Wax Angels. Getting your upper lip waxed is safe, quick, and comfortable and guarantees smooth and silky skin for at least 3 weeks.

What are you waiting for? Book a treatment at one of our 18 salons today and be blown away by Delete’s waxing treatments!

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