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Waxing or shaving

Waxing is for everybody!
More and more women and men are discovering the advantages of waxing compared to the irritation that comes with shaving, hair removal creams and other hair removal methods. Only waxing guarantees that your hair will be gone for weeks and that your skin will feel soft and clean. What more could you wish for? No more hassle reaching all those small hairs, just a quick and comfortable waxing session without any hassle!

Relax. It’s not that painful
A waxing treatment might have some discomfort, but it is truly worth it when you are hair free for at least 3 weeks. After many treatments, the pain will be even less. The hair that grows back will be thinner and your skin will get used to the waxing treatment. By using our own Delete-wax and the newest waxing techniques, we make it possible to perform your waxing treatment fast, comfortable and with very little pain.

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We take (after) care

Delete has an extensive line of personal care products such as the Soul Scrub, the Slow Lotion and the Cool Sense. These ensure that the skin calms and smooth.