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Soft, hair-free pubic area for weeks. Never hassle with shaving, stubble and skin irritation again. Does that sound like music to your ears? Welcome to Delete Waxing!

From waxing your upper lip to waxing your lower legs; at Delete Waxing, you’ve come to the right place for all kinds of waxing treatments. But our speciality? That’s without a doubt the (Full) Brazilian Wax (for men: Boyzilian). Here, the entire pubic area cleared of hair, including the hair between the buttocks. It may be the first time are a bit strange: rest assured, our Wax Angels actually have everything already be seen and at them you are really in good hands. A treatment lasts no longer than 20 minutes and before you know it you are smooth again and cared for outside!

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Brazilian Wax, the speciality of Delete

At Delete, all Brazilian Wax treatments are performed by Wax Angels. Each Wax Angel is a professional who performs your Brazilian Wax to the highest hygiene standards and really does everything possible to make the treatment comfortable. After all, our Wax Angels understand better than anyone else that your (first) Brazilian Wax treatment can cause some tension. Therefore, there is always room to answer all your questions and they will put you at ease in no time. Besides, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, our Wax Angels have really seen it all. And to make it even better, a Brazilian Wax treatment takes no longer than 20 minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be outside again, including an ultimate smooth and groomed intimate area.

Why choose a full Brazilian wax treatment?

When it comes to Brazilian Waxing, Delete offers different shapes. Not in the mood for a Full Barzilan Wax treatment? Then choose a style that does suit you. What’s your shape? All options at a glance:

Full Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Wax for everyone with the motto “go hard or go home”. In this treatment, we completely depilate your intimate area (including buttock seam). Not a hair remains!

Brazilian Wax Strip

A treatment for those who find completely bald a little too childish. In this treatment, our Wax Angels leave a streak of hair on your Venus mound intact. All other hair in your pubic area and buttock will be removed though.

Brazilian Wax Triangle

The Brazilian Wax Triangle is similar but the Brazilian Wax Strip. We depilate your intimate area and buttock, but leave a tight triangle of hair on the venus mound. Stylish!

Brazilian without buttock

For those who are held back by the idea of having to bare your bottom at a Brazilian wax. Because with a Brazilian-without-bottom seam treatment, we do not depilate the hairs between your buttocks!

Bikini Wax

Favorite of beachgoers: the Bikini Wax! In this treatment, we depilate all hairs visible while wearing bikini bottoms.

G-string Wax

This treatment is in between the Bikini Wax and the Brazilian Wax. Ideal for fans of high-cut bottoms.

Book your full Brazilian string wax online

Do you find it difficult to remove your pubic hair and are prone to red bumps, itching, stubble and ingrown hairs? Or are you mainly looking for a safe and quick way to remove unwanted hair growth in your pubic area? As the Brazilian Wax specialist in the Netherlands, we assure you that in that case you are in good hands with us. We manage the technique of Brazilian waxing to perfection and use our own wax. Because of this, a Brazilian Wax treatment at Delete does not hurt, or at least much less pain than you expect. So Brazilian waxing at Delete Waxing is fast, safe comfortable and guarantees at least 3 weeks of smooth results.

The benefits of Brazilian waxing

By choosing Brazilian waxing at Delete, you benefit from endless advantages. All the pluses at a glance:

Best Brazilian Wax in the Netherlands

Delete Waxing is known as the Dutch specialist in Brazilian waxing. Our Wax Angels are among the best wax professionals in the country, our own wax is of the highest quality and our technique is based on the authentic Brazilian method. As a result, there is hardly any pain and you will experience the treatment as quick and comfortable.

Much safer than shaving

Shaving your intimate area is tricky and can even be dangerous. If you use a razor blade on your bikini line, chances are you will get painful cuts even if you are very careful. Just imagine using a razor to cut open your buttock. With Brazilian Waxing, you don’t have to fear wounds, pain, itching and scars.

No itching, stubble and red bumps

When you choose Brazilian waxing at Delete, stubble, bumps, and itching in your pubic area are a thing of the past.

Hairs stay away for 3 to 6 weeks

Unlike shaving, Brazilian Waxing removes your hair root and all. This makes the hairs stay away longer and will grow back softer and thinner. After just your first Brazilian wax, you will enjoy 3 weeks of smooth results. And the more often you repeat the treatment, the longer hair growth in your intimate area will stay out!

More self-confidence

Without the embarrassment of unwanted hair, you feel more confident and comfortable at the beach, in the gym and on a date. Of course, the clean, fresh feeling you’ll experience after a Brazilian wax also gives your self-confidence an instant boost.

Brazilian wax – the history

The Brazilian wax was coined on the beautiful beach of Brazil. Janea Padhila, a Brazilian woman, thought it was “not done” to show body hair, especially when wearing small bikini bottoms. Together with her sisters, she introduced the method in New York, where Brazilian wax became immensely popular in no time. Today, even in the Netherlands, it is quite normal to completely depilate your intimate parts. Both for women and men, as the Boyzilian wax is also becoming increasingly well known.

Boyzilian wax: the Brazilian for men!

That not only women benefit from Brazilian waxing is proven by the popularity of the Boyzilian. The number of men getting their entire pubic area waxed at Delete continues to increase. And once gentlemen have tried a Boyzilian wax, they never want anything else!

A Boyzilian wax is the perfect way for men to depilate the pubic area. As a man, shaving pubic hair is a tedious, time-consuming and even dangerous job. Men’s hair is stiffer than women’s, making gentlemen who shave more likely to get cuts.

Delete Waxing specializes in the Boyzilian; the Brazilian wax for men. Our Wax Angels wax men on a daily basis, so they know exactly how to treat rough men’s skin.

Are you a man looking for a quick, effective and long-lasting way to depilate the pubic area? Book your treatment today and discover the Boyzilian at Delete!

Delete Deal

Virtually all women and men who have had their pubic area waxed at Delete keep coming back for our specialty afterward. Are you one of them and can’t get enough of a Brazilian wax or Boyzilian wax? Then this is the time to make the deal of a lifetime!

The Delete Deal is for the very biggest fans of Brazilian waxing. As a member of Delete, you will benefit from a one-year discount on any Brazilian or Boyzilian as well as a discount on any other wax treatment. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and immediately take advantage of all the Delete Deal benefits.

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Customer Reviews

From athletes and beach lovers to beauty lovers and convenience people, Brazilian waxing at Delete is more popular than ever. Are you curious what others think of Brazilian waxing at Delete? Experiences of our clients with a Brazilian wax, Boyzilian wax or any other treatment can be read on Trustpilot.

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