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Armpit hair is quite normal, everyone has it. Of course, this does not mean that everyone is happy with their armpit hair. There are only a few lovers of hair under the armpit. Women in particular are not keen on their armpit hair and move heaven and earth to remove the hairs under their armpits. The result of this chore is often short and accompanied by stubble, itching, rashes, and red bumps. Do you recognize this and are fed up with hair removal or shaving your armpits? Then get your armpits waxed by a professional!

Price: 24,95

Delete Deal: €21,45

Armpit waxing at home vs a specialist

Good for you, you have chosen to wax your armpits! Now you face the choice of doing the armpit waxing yourself or having your armpits waxed by a professional. If you want to wax your armpits yourself, you can buy inexpensive wax strips and other supplies from the drugstore or online. Waxing your own armpits is cheap and you can do it in your own safe environment.

But does this make self-waxing the best option? Probably not! Because when it comes to waxing your armpits yourself, all sorts of things can go wrong, especially if you lack experience. Your armpits can start bleeding, feel burnt after waxing, or can even lead to a nasty infection. If you have your armpits waxed by a professional, there is no chance of these kinds of inconveniences.

Benefits of getting an armpit wax

Waxing your own armpits may be a cheap option, but it is not completely safe. If, on the other hand, you get your armpits waxed by someone who knows about it, it is a reliable, effective and quick way to get rid of unwanted armpit hair. Especially when you leave armpit waxing to Delete’s Wax Angels.

The Wax Angels who work with us all went through the Delete Academy, an internal training where they have learned all the tricks of the trade. Moreover, at Delete your armpits will be waxed with a special, extremely skin-friendly Delete wax. And our Wax Angels will make sure the wax treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Is an armpit wax painful?

Waxing your armpits sounds pretty painful. And fair is fair: it’s not entirely painless. Exactly how this wax treamtent feels depends on your pain threshold, the length of your hairs and the technique used. The first armpit wax in your life is the most painful anyway, after that the it’s gets less with each treatment.

If you want to minimize the pain of armpit waxing, it pays to opt for an armpit wax at a professional salon. Our experience shows that clients with a high pain threshold feel almost nothing during the first waxing treatment at a Delete salon!

How long do armpit waxes last?

One of the big advantages of armpit waxing is that the hairs stay away for up to 6 weeks: they are pulled out of your skin, root by root. When you wax your armpits yourself or have your armpits waxed for the first time, this is considerably shorter. The right waxing technique, waxing products and frequency of your treatments will ultimately determine how long your armpit hair stays away.

Either way, armpit hair will stay away longer after a wax treatment than after a shave. After getting your armpits waxed at Delete, you can count on 3 weeks of hair-free armpits after just the first treatment. And the more often you get your armpits waxed by our Wax Angels, the longer it will take for your hair to grow back. How nice does that sound?

Is upper lip waxing painful?

We must be honest: Waxing your upper lip can be painful, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you wax yourself. Do you fear the pain of waxing? Then leave it to our Wax Angels! At Delete, we have the right skills, the best wax and know how to reassure you if necessary.

90% of our clients say that they experienced very minimal pain during their upper lip wax treatment.

How much does an armpit wax cost?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of waxing your armpits, you must be curious about the price. The cost of getting your armpits waxed at Delete are higher than when you wax yourself. On the other hand, don’t forget that you’ll never have to buy razors, waxing gear or other depilatory products again if you get your armpits waxed at Delete.

More importantly: when you get your armpits waxed by our Wax Angels, you can be sure that the treatment will be done properly, safely, and hygienically. And that’s worth every penny!

Price: 24,95

Delete Deal: €21,45

Armpit wax treatment with Delete Waxing

Are you completely done with your armpit hair and shaving and are you looking for a hair removal method that really works? Having your armpits waxed at Delete is the fastest, safest and most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. After a visit to our salons, you will enjoy smooth, silky skin without stubble, red bumps, and other discomfort for at least 3 weeks.

Make an armpit wax appointment at one of the 18 Delete salons today and get to know the best wax treatments in the Netherlands!

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