Upper Legs Waxing: DIY or Have It Done?

Do you have hair on the upper part of your legs and do you do everything you can to look smooth? Logically, then, you are done with shaving your legs and the discomfort that comes with it. Not only does shaving your legs takes a lot of time, you are also very likely to get stubble, ingrown hairs, skin irritation and much more misery. Fortunately, there is a better option: waxing your thighs. Without hair on your thighs, you’ll feel more confident than ever in your bikini, swimsuit or hotpants!

Upper leg wax
Price: 42,95

Delete Deal: €36,95

Wax your upper legs yourself or have them waxed?

You have two options if you have decided to wax your thighs: do it yourself or have it done. Supplies to wax your upper legs are freely available from drugstores or online. Strip wax, sugar wax, spatulas and wax warmers are offered cheaply, making the first option seem attractive. Moreover, waxing yourself in your familiar surroundings sounds pleasant.

But is self-waxing also the best option? Definitely not! Waxing your own upper legs is not without risk. All sorts of things can go wrong. You run the risk of burns, skin irritations and dangerous infections. And waxing your upper legs, to where should you do it? As a novice waxer, you have no idea. A waxing salon employs specialists who do know the answer! Wax specialists also provide safe, long-lasting hair removal for your upper legs.

Why get your upper legs waxed with a waxing treatment

So getting your upper legs waxed by a professional is long-lasting, fast and completely safe. At least, if you choose a treatment at Delete Professionals in Waxing. When it comes to waxing, nothing can match Delete’s quality and service. Here, it doesn’t matter whether the hairs on your upper legs are light and thin, or dark and thick. Our Wax Angels remove all hairs with hair root and all. They manage the waxing techniques to perfection and provide the pre- and aftercare that suits your skin.

Is waxing your upper legs painful?

Now that you know the advantages of waxing your upper legs, you must be curious about the disadvantages. For example, does waxing your legs hurt? We can’t answer that question. Pain is relative and difficult to describe. Still, we can say that getting your thighs waxed at Delete is the comfortable option.

Here’s the thing: our Wax Angels use the special Delete wax. This wax only adheres to the hairs on your legs and not to your skin. In addition, they apply the best waxing techniques and distract you if necessary. Just what you need! Due to lack of knowledge and the right products, waxing your own upper legs is less comfortable. And then there’s the severe pain you’ll get if self waxing goes wrong.

How long does thigh hair stay away after a waxing?

Are you booking a waxing treatment for your thighs at Delete? Then prepare for at least 3 weeks of results. Unlike after a shaving session, your legs will be perfectly smooth and silky smooth for a long time. Depending on your personal hair cycle and the frequency of getting waxed, this will last up to 6 weeks. What a wonderful prospect! Do you choose to wax your upper legs yourself? Then keep in mind that not all hairs including the hair root are removed. In that case, the durability of upper legs waxing may well be disappointing. That would be an eternal waste, wouldn’t it?

The price of getting your upper legs waxed

Waxing your upper legs is an investment in yourself with a cost. The cost of a waxing treatment is largely up to you. Self-waxing is the cheapest, but also the most dangerous option. Poor-quality products are offered that are also not suitable for your skin. Having your legs waxed at a salon usually costs more money. Each salon charges its own rate. So do we. The salons of Delete Professionals in Waxing belong to the middle and high segment. With us, you can count on the very best quality, hygiene and service. And that makes a wax treatment at Delete worth every penny!

Upper leg wax
Price: 42,95

Delete Deal: €36,95

Get your upper legs waxed at Delete Waxing

Are the hairs on your legs bothering you? Then get them waxed at Delete! Whereas after shaving leg hair you get stubble in no time, after a waxing treatment at Delete you will enjoy smooth legs for up to 6 weeks. Moreover, getting your upper legs waxed at Delete is fast, safe, hygienic and skin-friendly. And the pain? Not at all. Many customers say that a leg wax at Delete is even comfortable!

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