Stomach wax treatment

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Completely done with shaving? We understand that removing hair on the stomach can be quite the hassle. That’s why you should just get your stomach waxed. No fuss, professional and fast. Relax and let our Wax Angels do their professional work. Before you know it, you’ll be outside with no fuss and smooth skin. The result? 3-6 weeks without any hair. Fine prospect right?

Stomach waxing
Price: 25,95

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Experience a smooth and soft skin after waxing your belly!

It’s beautiful to have a smooth and soft belly. Especially in the summer when you’re wearing a short top or when you’re lying on the beach. But shaving often leaves you with stubble and all sorts of ugly spots. Moreover, you have to keep repeating the process of shaving your belly, and of course you don’t feel like that (at all). So, visit us and join our wax revolution! Just make yourself comfortable and get a professional stomach-wax treatment in one of our salons! The treatment is not that sensitive and will be over within minutes.

Experience your first wax treatment and be convinced!

When you come for your first wax treatment, you might feel a little tense. Our Wax Angels are trained especially to perform the wax treatment professionally, which you can tell by the beautiful result. Before you know it, your belly will be hair-free, and the skin will be smooth and soft! There is even more good news, because your hair doesn’t grow back for weeks After you’ve experienced the ease and benefits of a stomach wax treatment, you don’t want to go back to shaving.

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Delete has wax salons throughout the Netherlands! View which salon is closest to you, and book an appointment online Delete does not limit their stomach wax treatments just to women, men are also very much welcome! Because belly hair can be somewhat over-present in men, it’s nice to have a treatment done professionally. You will certainly not be the first, many other men preceded you! Do we see you at one of our salons? See you soon!

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Delete Pre- & Aftercare

Waxing is a normal thing
The ultimate result of a great wax treatments needs a good pre- and after-treatment. Delete has a complete product line full for treating the skin before and after the wax treatment. Depending on your skin and the reaction of your skin on waxing we have the right products.

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All Delete products are for sale in our own webshop. here you find a complete description of the products and the application before and after the treatments.