Leg wax treatment

Throw away those razor blades!

Completely done with shaving your legs and all the pain that goes with it? Buying an endless supply of razor blades? Try waxing your legs for a change! fter the first waxing treatment, your hairs will be thinner and the second treatment is even more painless than the first. The hairs will come back thinner and softer than before. Hair free legs for 3-6 weeks; sounds great? Book an appointment at one of our waxing salons! Our Wax Angels are fast and professional, before you know it you’ll be outside with smooth legs.

Leg Deal: Lower and upper legs
Price: 59,95

Delete Deal: €51,95

Waxing Legs: long-term hair-free

It’s always a big task to shave your legs. Especially for women or men who – for example – like racing bikes, because for them it’s important to have the skin on the legs nice and smooth. But there is no end to the shaving process, because those nasty hairs will quickly make their return! This is exactly why waxing the legs is a particularly good method for hair removal. Our wax treatment is efficient, fast and leaves your skin much more beautiful and smoother than you can ever achieve with shaving!

Delete’s exclusive and comfortable wax

In general, there are two factors that can make people somewhat hesitant to book their first wax treatment for the legs. The first factor is the sensitivity of the skin, and the second is embarrassment. But in both cases you have nothing to fear when you get a wax treatment with Delete. Because first of all, we use our very own wax, which is exclusively formulated to feel comfortable. This makes our wax treatment much less sensitive than most people expect. We often hear “That wasn’t too bad!” after our visitors received their first treatment.

Secondly, you will be treated by the very best in the business: our Wax Angels. The Wax Angels are professionally trained women with a lot of experience in waxing, but also understand that the treatment can feel a little awkward for people. But no worries, they will make you feel at ease, and perform the wax treatment efficiently and skilfully. The Wax Angels treat all kinds of bodies every day – both men and women – and are very used to it. So, relax yourself and before you know it you will be standing outside again, with both legs smooth and soft!

The wax treatment for the legs is also very suitable for athletes who prefer to have their legs hair-free.

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Delete Pre- & Aftercare

Waxing is a normal thing
The ultimate result of a great wax treatments needs a good pre- and after-treatment. Delete has a complete product line full for treating the skin before and after the wax treatment. Depending on your skin and the reaction of your skin on waxing we have the right products.

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All Delete products are for sale in our own webshop. here you find a complete description of the products and the application before and after the treatments.