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Permanent Hair Removal:
Safely a Soft and Smooth Skin

As the term permanent hair removal suggests, this method allows you to permanently reduce the growth of your body hair. The technologies we use are the latest on the market, tested and very safe. We work with medical equipment on which our employees are extensively trained by our own Delete Academy.

Therefore, our Hyper-Angels on site are the absolute experts in this field. Therefore, the first step is to book a free consultation at our salon. During this appointment, our sting can examine your skin and hair type in detail and discuss with you any questions, any contraindications and, most importantly, the likelihood of success. Our experience shows that about 6-10 sessions at 4-6 week intervals are needed for successful treatment, depending on the body region.

Deviations may be possible here, too, because hair growth is very individual for everyone. Normally with permanent hair removal, you are rid of unwanted hair for a long period of time because the hair roots are permanently inactive. When hairs grow back, they are usually fewer and much lighter and thinner. Therefore, after a successfully completed treatment cycle, we recommend a so-called maintenance treatment of another session after one year.

The treatments themselves are very gentle and pleasant. You usually feel only a slight tingling sensation during the treatment. In our salons in Amsterdam De Pijp, Almere Centre and Rotterdam, we work with HyperPulse technology.

Permanent hair removal: what to expect

Smooth skin: soft & safe

Today, permanent hair removal can be successfully performed on almost all skin and hair types. People with dark hair and light skin have the best results, only gray hair or very light blonde hair can expect limited results. On average, 6-10 treatments are needed for satisfactory results, but this is completely individual and can vary from person to person and also from body area to body area. The treatments are also performed at different intervals to reach the hair at different growth stages.

Stop by for a free, no-obligation consultation for permanent hair removal

You have completed the free consultation at one of our HyperPulse salons and your hair and skin type qualify for permanent hair removal.
Next is our roadmap:

1. Information & Advice

Before each new appointment, your Angel discusses possible contraindications with you and then divides your skin into treatment areas with a marker. Mother spots and tattoos are always covered in advance.

2. Preparation

Angel then sets the parameters on the HyperPulse device. A spray or ultrasound gel is applied to your skin. Both you and the Angel wear glasses to protect the eyes during the treatment.

3. Treatment

With sliding movements, the HyperPulse is guided over the treatment area. The temperature and energy required are thus controlled and gradually increased, while strong contact cooling ensures minimal stress on the skin.

4. After treatment

For the long-term success of your treatment, it is important to observe the development and behavior of your hair afterwards.

What does permanent hair removal cost?

Prices for permanent hair removal from the bikini line, legs and more can be found in our treatments menu.

Intake Dutch

Free and without obligation

Intake English

Free and without obligation

Treatments women

Price per treatment

Female – Full Brazilian


Female – Brazilian Strip


Female – Brazilian Triangle


Female – G-String


Female – Bikini (outside panty line only)


Female – Brazilian without buttock seam (full, strip, triangle)


Female – Lady package


Treatments men

Price per treatment

Male – Full Boyzilian


Male – Boyzilian Triangle


Male – Bikini


Male – Boyzilian without buttock seam (Full/Triangle)



Price per treatment

Buttocks – strip incl.


Buttocks strip


Lower and upper legs


Lower legs


Upper legs


Back upper legs








Back – incl shoulders




Lower back




Chest and stomach.






Bellybutton strip


Lower and upper arms


Lower arms


Upper arms










Jaw line


How permanent hair removal works at Delete

Smooth skin: soft & safe

All the devices and technologies available on the market, such as diode lasers, IPL, SHR and INOS, have the same goal as HyperPulse: targeted and gentle heating of the hair roots. Instead of single pulses, the HyperPulse method delivers five pulses of light per second. The handpiece glides over the treatment area only once. The temperature in the hair follicles rises to the clinically required level to irreparably damage the hair germ cells. The surrounding tissue or the top layer of skin is not overloaded, so the risk of unwanted side effects can be virtually eliminated. HyperPulse’s special treatment light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat energy. This means that the area of the hair roots can be precisely targeted.

Preparation & follow-up for your permanent hair removal appointment

To make sure your permanent hair removal treatment is a success, we have a few tips for you:

Before the appointment

– The area of skin to be treated must be shaved shortly before treatment. Is your treatment in the morning? Then only shave yourself that morning. Is your treatment in the (late) evening? Then see if you can shave at home before treatment. As an alternative to shaving, you can also use a depilatory cream.

– A week before treatment you should avoid intense UV radiation (sun or tanning bed).

– We recommend that you wear loose cotton underpants on the day of treatment to avoid unnecessary stress on the skin.

– Generally, only completely healthy skin can be treated. Once it shows signs of injury or something similar, treatment on this part of the body is not possible.

– You may not wax, sugare or tweeze your hair 4 weeks before your next appointment. In fact, there must be a hair root that can be treated.

After the appointment

– Even after treatment, you should absolutely avoid UV radiation and let your skin rest. You should protect your skin with clothing or sunscreen.

– Avoid anything that might stress your skin immediately after treatment: Sauna, intense exercise.

– We recommend that you drink plenty of fluids after treatment and apply moisturizer or lotion regularly to the treated areas. Hydrated skin guarantees optimal results.

– Regular exfoliation is recommended to care for your skin, optimally prepare it for your next treatment and prevent ingrown hairs from shaving.

– If possible, we recommend that you grow your hair in the treated areas to see if it falls out, diminishes and grows slower. Always tell your Angel about changes you notice at your next appointment for your treatment. The more information we have, the better we can assess and treat your hair.

Hair Removal Brazilian & Bikini

You can also choose different areas and shapes for permanent hair removal.

Full Brazilian: With this method, not a single hair is left behind. We remove all hair in the bikini line, including the labia and buttocks if desired. Of course, you can also leave a small strip of hair on the venous mound.

Brazilian strip: A long strip of hair remains here. You can decide the length and width of the hair strip.

Brazilian Triangle: Here, a triangular strip of hair remains on the Venusian mound. You can determine the width and height of the triangle.

G-String: The G-string, also known as “high bikini line,” is the best choice if you want to wear a thong because it keeps a little hair in the pubic area.

Bikini: This involves removing all the hair sticking out of the bikini bottom. This is usually a strip of a few inches.

Permanent hair removal legs

Soft and beautiful legs: Smooth legs with permanent hair removal – no problem at all. Whether for lower legs, thighs or the whole leg, we will meet all your needs.

Whole Legs: Here we remove all hair from the toes up to a hand width to the groin. The classic bikini line is not included here.

Thigh: This permanent hair removal treatment removes all hair on the thigh, including the knee. This does not include the classic bikini line.

Lower legs: For the first rays of the sun and slightly longer skirts, all hair is removed from the toes to the knees.

Other treatment areas

Permanent hair removal treatment perfect for all areas. No more shaving and those nasty stubble or waxing every 4-6 weeks.

Underarms: Longer hair-free really pays off here. Hair in the armpits is removed.

Buttocks: In this treatment, the buttocks and, if desired, the buttock crease are depilated.

Back & shoulders: On the lower back, the area from the tip of the shoulder blades to the top of the buttocks is depilated. On the shoulders, go down to the root of the hair on the shoulder blades and upper arms, to the end of a T-shirt sleeve. Of course, we can also wax the entire back.

Abdomen & Chest: For the abdomen, hair is removed from the groin almost to the chest. When treated, the breasts and the base of the neck become smoother than ever.

Arms: For the arms, everything is smoothed from top to bottom – including fingers and shoulders. When treating the forearms, hair is removed from the area from the fingers to the elbow.

Face & Upper Lip: For the face, we treat a desired part of the face, such as the cheek or chin. If there are multiple areas, the treatment costs are added together. Upper lip treatment removes the troublesome hairs above the lip in the mouth area.

Definitive hair removal at home

Like laser treatment, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal also sends pulses of light to the hair root, where they are converted to heat, causing the hair root to die and the hair to fall out. However, the main difference between the two methods of permanent hair removal is in the type of light used: IPL uses intense pulsed light, which exposes the hair over a large area to a broad spectrum of rays of different wavelengths. The pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin and directed to the hair root, which heats up as a result. In most cases, however, the hair does not fall out immediately, but is only excreted by the body after about one to two weeks.

For some time now, IPL devices have been available for sale for self-treatment. However, many users complain that the hairs do not completely disappear despite regular and correct use. This is simply because IPL home devices operate at a significantly lower light intensity to prevent burns.

Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal

How long should I stay out of the sun after permanent hair removal?2024-03-06T12:30:10+00:00

You should avoid intense exposure to the sun or tanning beds for 1 week before and after treatment. If you do have to go out in the sun, we recommend covering your skin with clothing and applying sunscreen with at least SPF 50.

Can permanent hair removal be performed with a tattoo?2024-03-06T12:30:00+00:00

The tattooed part of the skin cannot be treated during permanent hair removal. We cover these areas and omit them during treatment.

When does hair fall out during permanent hair removal?2024-03-06T12:29:54+00:00

The first results can be noticeable as early as the 1st session. Hair grows in cycles. About 10% of the hair that is currently visible and growing is in the anagen phase, which we can successfully treat during the session. After the treatment, these hairs are still in the skin. They fall out after about 1-3 weeks (depending on the body area). The first results are then visible.

How long does a permanent hair removal treatment take?2024-03-06T12:29:46+00:00

The hairs are in different growth cycles during a treatment. During a treatment, the light pulse or another type of laser can destroy only those hair roots that are in the anagen (growth) phase. For each treatment, this is about 10 – 15% of the hairs.

The hairs that are in the resting phase during treatment will grow back at intervals of about 4 – 12 weeks. During the next treatment, the new hairs that are currently in the growth phase are removed. With each subsequent treatment, body hair in the affected area steadily decreases.

How long does permanent hair removal last?2024-03-06T12:29:39+00:00

Normally, permanent hair removal ensures that you are rid of unwanted hair for a long time, because the hair roots are permanently damaged. When hairs do grow back, they are usually fewer and much lighter and thinner. Therefore, after a successfully completed treatment cycle, we recommend a so-called maintenance treatment of one additional session after one year.

Can light colored hair be treated during permanent hair removal?2024-03-06T12:29:31+00:00

All skin and hair types can be treated with the medical devices we use. Even tanned skin and blond hair can be treated. Only white or gray hair cannot be treated. People with dark hair and light skin have the best results; only gray hair or hair with a very light blonde hue can expect limited results from hair removal. During the consultation before the first treatment, the client’s skin type should be determined and your Angel will discuss the possible results under current conditions.

When can a permanent hair removal treatment not be performed?2024-03-06T12:29:22+00:00

There are indications with which we have no experience and in which it is not possible to make a definitive judgment as to whether a permanent hair removal treatment can be performed. We therefore strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before treatment if you have any doubts about your skin or hair.

If the following contraindications are present, treatment is not possible:

– Diabetes
– Psoriasis (acute in the treatment area)
– Neurodermatitis (acute in the treated area)
– Open skin patches (acute in the treatment area)
– Eczema, dermatitis (acute in the treatment area)
– Dark birthmarks (“ABCDE rule”) (these areas are covered and omitted during treatment).
– Tattoos (these areas are covered and omitted during treatment)
– Skin tumors
– Skin cancer (treatment is not possible even if the skin cancer is already cured).
– Preparations that increase skin sensitivity to light (e.g., St. John’s wort or malaria prophylaxis)
– vitiligo
– epilepsy
– Cancer (unhealed cancer of any kind)
– (You must be cancer-free for at least 5 years).
– Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Is permanent hair removal harmful?2024-03-06T12:29:09+00:00

Permanent hair removal is not harmful or dangerous to the body. The light pulses penetrate only 2-6 mm deep into the skin. Therefore, there is no risk to internal organs and the like. No cosmetic procedure is guaranteed to be free of certain side effects. In rare cases, for example, sensitive skin may experience skin irritation, but this usually disappears after a few days. However, if you adhere to all the above measures and listen to the advice of your trained Angel, no risks are to be expected.

How does it work?2024-03-06T12:29:03+00:00

Permanent hair removal treatment with IPL technology destroys the hair follicle. The flash lamp generates short, intense pulsed light energy that is emitted to the treatment area. The light energy is absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) in the hairline, converted into heat and transferred through the hairline to the hair root. A thermal reaction then occurs in the hair follicle (i.e., in the hair root), permanently cauterizing the hair root and preventing it from producing new hair.

How long does a session of permanent hair removal take?2024-03-06T12:28:54+00:00

The duration of treatment depends on the treatment area. A facial treatment takes about 10 minutes, armpit hair removal takes about 15 minutes. A treatment on both legs or a full men’s back can take up to 40 minutes

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