Lower Back Waxing: DIY or Have It Done?

There are those body parts where you just don’t want hair growth. Your lower back is one such example. Hairs on your lower back can make you feel insecure and to shave your back you have to twist yourself into complicated corners. This puts you at risk of injury and skin damage. Fortunately, there are other options for hair removal on your back. Do you have hairs on your lower back you would like to get rid of? Then opt for lower back waxing!

Lower back wax
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Waxing your lower back yourself or having it waxed?

Considering waxing your lower back? Excessive hair on your lower back can be waxed or waxed yourself. Waxing a woman’s lower back is an easier procedure than waxing a man’s back. Women’s hair tends to be softer and therefore easier to remove with wax. This makes it tempting for women to get started in their own bathrooms. Especially when you know that the supplies needed to wax yourself are inexpensive and widely available.

But take note: even women cannot wax their lower backs themselves risk-free. Without knowledge of proper waxing techniques or lack of proper supplies, anything can go wrong. Think permanent skin damage, skin irritation, bleeding and even infections. Getting your lower back waxed by a professional, on the other hand, is safe!

Why get your back hair waxed with a waxing treatment

Waxing your lower back yourself carries risks. Having your lower back waxed at a professional salon is effective and completely safe. This is especially true if you opt for a waxing treatment at Delete Professionals of Waxing. Whether the hairs on your lower back are stiff or soft, our Wax Angels know how to remove them like the best. To do so, they use the skin-friendly Delete wax and pre- and aftercare products from our own line. For this reason, you can have your lower back waxed at Delete even if you have sensitive skin.

Is lower back waxing painful?

Everyone feels it when hairs are pulled out of the lower back. Whether you experience this as painful depends on your pain threshold and the waxing technique used. Are you afraid of the pain of treatment? Then get your lower back waxed by a professional, for example at Delete. This is because you are most likely to have a painful experience if you wax yourself – without knowledge and proper products. Our Wax Angels are experienced and know how to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Did you know 9 out of 10 clients report after the treatment that the pain of a lower back wax is not that bad?

The price to get your lower back waxed

Unfortunately, getting your lower back waxed is not for free. The price of the treatment depends on who does the waxing, and where it is done. Waxing yourself at home is the cheapest but at the same time the riskiest option. Having hairs on your back waxed by a professional is more expensive than waxing yourself, but safe. The best idea is to play it safe and choose the latter option. After all, you are not waiting for injuries on irritation, right? The price of treatment by a professional varies from salon to salon: each salon charges a different rate. At Delete Waxing, the rate is based on our high quality standards. Will you have your back waxed at Delete? Then you can be sure that the treatment and result will be worth your money!

Lower back wax
Price: 36,95

Delete Deal: €27,45

Get your lower back waxed at Delete Waxing

Are you looking for the best way to wax your lower back? Get waxed at Delete! Getting your lower back waxed by our Wax Angels is fast, safe and efficient. At best, you will enjoy soft and smooth skin for 6 weeks. No more stubble, wounds, infections or red bumps. All that is left for you to do after a treatment at Delete is to enjoy your waxed back. So make an appointment today at a Delete salon near you. Our Angels can’t wait to meet you.

How much does an armpit wax cost?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of waxing your armpits, you must be curious about the price. The cost of getting your armpits waxed at Delete are higher than when you wax yourself. On the other hand, don’t forget that you’ll never have to buy razors, waxing gear or other depilatory products again if you get your armpits waxed at Delete.

More importantly: when you get your armpits waxed by our Wax Angels, you can be sure that the treatment will be done properly, safely, and hygienically. And that’s worth every penny!

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