Getting your back hair waxed?

More and more men choose to remove their back hair professionally. he wax that we use doesn’t attach to the skin, only to hair. Our Wax Angels are trained to remove hair quickly and professionally. They spend their whole day waxing, they will comfort you and make sure that your treatment involves a minimal amount of pain. We can guarantee smooth and hairless skin for 3-6 weeks. No hassle, just comfortably removing your back hair.

Back waxing
Price: 47,95

Delete Deal: €41,45

Why wax back hair with a waxing treatment?

Having body hair is somewhat masculine. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you do not like your body hair, or if you feel like it’s too much, it’s nice if you can do something about it. Waxing the hair on your back is particularly popular among men, so you won’t be the first to visit our wax salon for a back-wax treatment. The great thing about waxing your back is that you don’t have to worry about the hair coming back for weeks. Instead, you can just enjoy a smooth and beautiful skin for a long time!

The benefits of a professional back wax

It may feel a little awkward when you first visit our wax salon for a treatment. But think about the benefits: the treatment for waxing your back is carried out by our professionally trained Wax Angels who have an enormous amount of experience in this field. That means that they understand exactly how you feel. So, you can count on the best results after having a professional wax treatment with Delete!

How does a back-wax treatment work?

A back-wax treatment with Delete does not take that much time. Moreover, you can forget all the ghost stories about waxing being painful, because at our salon we use a special wax to epilate your back. This wax does not adhere to the skin, but only to the hairs!

You will experience that this method is much less sensitive. “Was that it?” You’ll wonder. And the answer will be: “Yes, it’s that simple.” No hassle with shaving and stubble, just a professional back-wax from Delete is enough to make your back look beautiful and presentable.

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Delete Pre- & Aftercare

Waxing is a normal thing
The ultimate result of a great wax treatments needs a good pre- and after-treatment. Delete has a complete product line full for treating the skin before and after the wax treatment. Depending on your skin and the reaction of your skin on waxing we have the right products.

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All Delete products are for sale in our own webshop. here you find a complete description of the products and the application before and after the treatments.