Arm waxing: Do it yourself or get it waxed?

Arm hair is quite normal, everyone has it. For some, the hair on the arms is barely visible, while it is impossible to miss for others. With a bit of bad luck, you belong to the latter group and experience it as quite a burden. You may see arm hair as ugly and masculine. Or perhaps it’s just not desirable in your profession.

Would you like to remove the hair on your arms? Then stay away from the razor or epilator and instead, choose to wax your arms today.

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Waxing arm hair yourself or having it waxed?

When you make the choice to wax your arm hair, you roughly have two options: do it yourself or get your arms waxed at a wax salon. The first option is often the cheapest. And while it sounds tempting to get started in your own bathroom, removing your arm hair yourself with wax is not a good plan.

That’s because many things can go wrong when waxing yourself. Insufficient experience, the wrong wax, or poor pre- and aftercare can lead to irreparably damaged skin. Fortunately, getting your arms waxed at a professional salon does work. Especially when you have it removed at Delete Waxing!

 Why wax your arms with a waxing treatment

Arm hair removal using wax is a fantastic method. After waxing, you will enjoy smooth and silky skin for up to 6 weeks. You also avoid any ingrown hairs, stubbles, or hairs that grow back stubbornly. Ideal! If you want to wax your arm hair and be sure it is done properly, it pays to leave the job to Delete Waxing’s Wax Angels.

Our Wax Angels are very experienced and know better than anyone to make waxing a great success.

Is it painful to wax your arms?

With arm hair waxing, the hair is removed in its entirety, including the hair root and follicle. You will understand that there is no such thing as completely painless waxing. How much pain you’ll experience from arm hair waxing depends on your pain threshold, the waxing method, and the products used.

Do you fear pain during waxing? The special Delete wax and proper techniques of our Wax Angels ensure that waxing is less painful than you think! Most of our clients report afterwards that the pain of arm hair waxing is not that bad.

How long will arm hair stay away after waxing?

A big advantage of arm hair waxing is the long-lasting smooth result. After having your arms waxed at a Delete salon, your arms will remain completely hair-free for at least 3 weeks. How does that sound? It’s a much different story after shaving or tweezing your arms, where stubble is often visible after just one day. Keep in mind that waxing at home is often less effective than getting your arms waxed at Delete Waxing.

So, take note: How long arm hair stays away after a wax treatment is highly dependent on how the waxing is done and who performs the treatment.

The price to get your arms waxed

To clarify right away: arm waxing is not free of charge. The cheapest option, of course, is to do it yourself. But beware: arm hair removal without any knowledge or the right products can be dangerous and may not yield the desired results. Therefore, you’re better off having it removed at Delete Waxing. The cost of the treatment will pay for itself. Goodbye arm hair, hello smooth skin. And for up to six weeks!

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Get your lower and upper arms waxed at Delete Waxing

If you decide to get your arms waxed, you will enjoy weeks of smooth skin. No longer will you be bothered by stubble or other discomfort. But let’s be clear: arm hair waxing is best left to a professional at Delete Waxing.

What are you waiting for? Book a treatment at one of our 18 salons today and be blown away by Delete’s waxing treatments!

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