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The best Brazilian wax treatment in Den Bosch

In Den Bosch, Delete Professionals in Waxing is the place to get waxed! The Brazilian Wax is our specialty, but of course our Wax Angels wax the rest of your body as well.

Delete Professionals in Waxing

Welcome to Delete Professionals in Waxing! We are the ones who put Brazilian waxing on the map in Den Bosch and the rest of the Netherlands. We have been making a name and fame for years with our treatments, of which the Brazilian wax is our specialty. And whether it’s waxing your pubic area, waxing your eyebrows or waxing your legs; waxing is nowhere more comfortable than with us. We use our own high-quality Delete wax, and our Wax Angels know best how to make a Brazilian wax or waxing other body parts so painless.

The best Brazilian wax in Den Bosch!

Don’t shave your pubic area! There is a whole team of Wax Angels waiting for you to wax your intimate area in Den Bosch in the Kruisstraat. Do you live near Den Bosch and want to benefit from a soft, smooth pubic area for 3 to 6 weeks? An appointment for a Brazilian wax in our salon in Den Bosch is easily made on our website, payment in salon will follow later. And of course, you can also get the rest of your body waxed at Delete Professionals in Waxing in Den Bosch. Goodbye shaving and shaving irritation, goodbye hairy body! And to get the most out of waxing and Brazilian Waxing, Delete has its own line of pre- and aftercare products. Waxing in Den Bosch? So you do that at Delete!

Waxing in Den Bosch

There’s a good chance you’re curious about where to go for the best Brazilian wax treatment in Den Bosch. After all, shaving your pubic area only results in problems such as red bumps and hard stubble. Besides, shaving your bikini line is really out of date. Fortunately, you have the choice of getting waxed in Den Bosch at Delete! Waxing in Den Bosch at Delete is an easy, fast way to a body free of unwanted body hair. Our Wax Angels, professionals who have successfully completed the Delete Academy in Amsterdam, will do all the work for you. All you have to do is make an appointment for the best Brazilian wax treatment in Den Bosch. And waxing your legs, your arms, your back and the rest of your body will also be done for you by our Wax Angels!

Waxing in Den Bosch, also for men

It makes sense that besides women, men also want to be free of hair on the intimate parts of their bodies for weeks at a time. More and more men are realizing how comfortable waxing in Den Bosch at Delete is, as The Boyzilian Wax (the Brazilian wax for men) is the most booked treatment by men at our salon in Den Bosch. No problem for our Wax Angels; Delete is a specialist in Brazilian waxing of women and men. But our wax specialists in Den Bosch also lovingly wax the rest of men’s bodies. For example, men can also have their chest, back or legs waxed at Delete. Ideal!

Waxing in Den Bosch is inexpensive

Got a taste for waxing in Den Bosch and plan to get waxed regularly at Delete? Then consider our special membership deal that will quickly save you €140,- euro per year! That’s because with our Delete Deal, you’ll get a big discount on every Brazilian wax or other wax treatment you book with us. And you may come and wax in Den Bosch and the rest of the Netherlands as often as you like! So with the Delete Deal we make waxing in Den Bosch and waxing in Holland country as cheap as possible for you! And think of all the money you’ll save if you never have to buy expensive shaving supplies like razors, shaving gel and shaving cream again.

Buying pre-and aftercare products in Den Bosch

Are you a fan of waxing and want to get the most out of your waxing treatment at Delete? Delete itself has developed a line of grooming products that are sure to help you with that. For example, there is a cooling, moisturizing Angel Lotion that helps your skin recover after waxing in Den Bosch. But there is more! The Soul Scrub allows you to prepare your skin for a treatment, and the Smooth Touch prevents ingrowing hairs. Our Wax Angels are happy to show you the whole range of pre- and aftercare products when you come to wax in Den Bosch. And do you have questions about any of our products? Feel free to ask our Wax Angels; they really know all about Delete’s grooming products.

The top 5 wax treatments in Den Bosch

Delete has made waxing and Brazilian waxing in Den Bosch wildly popular! Waxing your body or loose body parts in Den Bosch is possible with us 7 days a week from early morning to late at night. Get inspired by our other clients and book a Brazilian wax, for example. In Den Bosch, these 5 treatments are booked most often:

  1. Brazilian Wax
  2. Bikini Wax
  3. Legs Wax
  4. Boyzilian Wax
  5. Back Wax

Book your wax treatment in Den Bosch

Are you ready to get waxed in Den Bosch? Our Wax Angels can’t wait to see you in the salon! Make an appointment now to get waxed in Den Bosch and get acquainted with the best Brazilian wax in town or any of our other treatments.

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