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If you are looking for a place to get waxed in Zwolle, you have several options. And if you want very best option, then choose Delete Professionals in Waxing. We are experts in (Brazilian) waxing!

Delete Professionals in Waxing

Welcome to Delete – the address for waxing in Zwolle! In upcoming Zwolle, known as a historic Hanseatic city, we make effective, fast and semi-permanent hair removal possible. Delete Professionals in Waxing has introduced Brazilian waxing in Zwolle, so you can count on us for the best waxing treatments the Brazilian way. But our Wax Angels can definitely do more than waxing the intimate area. Besides your pubic area, at Delete in Zwolle you can also get your legs, your belly, your back and all your other hairy body parts waxed. We wouldn’t call such a treatment really comfortable, but because our Wax Angel uses the one and only Delete wax, (Brazilian) waxing with us is virtually painless!

Brazilian waxing in Zwolle

Shaving your skin is bound to cause problems and is out of date. Especially shaving the bikini line is not an easy task. Chances are that’s why you’re looking for a place to get professionally waxed in Zwolle. You found it! Delete Professionals in Waxing specializes in waxing the intimate area, but offers a suitable treatment for any hairy body part. Upper lip waxing or leg waxing in Zwolle? For every wax treatment imaginable, our Wax Angels are ready for you in the heart of downtown at Klokkensteeg 2. And since we at Delete like to collaborate with other experts, we share the salon in Zwolle with hairdresser Sjenkels. Need a haircut after your waxing or before your treatment at Delete? At Delete in Zwolle, you can do just that!

The best Brazilian wax in Zwolle!

Don’t shave your intimate area, though, make an appointment for a waxing treatment at Delete. After all, our Wax Angels offer you the best Brazilian wax treatment in Zwolle! Fancy enjoying smooth, soft skin in your intimate area for 3 to 6 weeks? A Brazilian wax treatment begins with making an appointment on our website and concludes with payment in salon. And are there other parts of your body you want to depilate? At Delete, you can basically get all parts of your body waxed! And to get everything out of Brazilian Waxing and waxing in Zwolle, we have developed our own pre- and aftercare products.

Delete pre-and aftercare products buy in Zwolle

When you get waxed in Zwolle by Delete’s Wax Angels, you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. All of Delete Professionals in Waxing’s Wax Angels have passed with flying colors at our very own Delete Academy. At this training institute, our Wax Angels learned how to make wax treatments as comfortable and painless as possible. But they also know all about the line of personal care products developed by Delete itself! This line, the Delete pre- and aftercare, consists of several products you can use to get the most out of waxing. For example, we have the Soul Scrub; a mild scrub that allows you to optimally prepare your skin for a waxing treatment. But there is much more! Are you coming to wax in Zwolle? Our Wax Angels will be happy to tell you all about Delete’s entire skin care line.

Cheap Brazilian waxing in Zwolle

There are so many benefits to Brazilian waxing in Zwolle at Delete: it’s fast, provides smooth skin and offers long-lasting results. Got a taste for waxing in Zwolle and plan to get waxed regularly at Delete? Then choose our unique membership deal that will save you an average of €140 per year! That’s because with our Delete Deal, you’ll get a big discount on every Brazilian wax and you’ll also receive a nice discount on all other wax treatments as standard. Of course you may come and wax in Zwolle and the rest of the Netherlands as often as you like! We make with the Delete Deal waxing in Zwolle and waxing in Netherlands country so very advantageous. And spending money on expensive shaving gear such as razor blades, shaving gel and shaving cream is also out of the question.

Also men waxing in Zwolle at Delete

Men who want a comfortable Brazilian waxing in Zwolle are also welcome at Delete. At Delete Academy, we train our Wax Angels in waxing both women and men. The Boyzilian wax, the Brazilian wax for men, is therefore increasingly being booked at Delete in Zwolle. And so are the other treatments offered for men at Delete Professionals in Waxing. For example, all men who get waxed in Zwolle at Delete are also very appreciative of having their legs, back, chest and sideburns waxed. We don’t do head hair waxing in Zwolle, but fortunately men can combine their waxing treatment with a visit to Sjenkels hair salon.

The top 5 wax treatments in Zwolle

Waxing in Zwolle is becoming increasingly popular thanks to Delete. For everyone from the Zwolle area, our Wax Angels are ready to wax the pubic area daily. Rather have your legs waxed or your eyebrows waxed? Other body parts or whole body waxing in Zwolle we do too of course! Are you curious about the most booked treatments at our salon in Zwolle? We are happy to tell you. The top 5 booked wax treatments in Zwolle are:

  1. Brazilian Wax
  2. Legs Wax
  3. Bikini Wax
  4. Belly Wax
  5. Back Wax

Book your wax treatment in Zwolle

Are you ready to wax in Zwolle? Book an appointment soon and get acquainted with the best Brazilian wax in town or any of our other wax treatments. Waxing in Zwolle can be combined with a visit to Sjenkels hair salon. You can find Delete Professionals in Waxing and hairdresser Sjenkels at Klokkensteeg 2 in the center of Zwolle.


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