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Welcome to Delete Professionals in Waxing: the place to be to get waxed in Nieuwegein! Our Wax Angels specialize in Brazilian waxing in Nieuwegein, but of course they also wax the rest of your body.

The best Brazilian wax in Nieuwegein

There is nothing like having a soft and smooth pubic area. See first, then believe? Then make an appointment for a Brazilian wax treatment at Delete soon! We employ the best wax specialists in the Netherlands and they are ready to wax you in Nieuwegein. In fact, Delete Professionals in Waxing offers the best Brazilian Wax treatment in the Netherlands! Do you dare to get your intimate area waxed in Nieuwegein at Delete? Then relieve you of all unwanted hair and you can enjoy 3 to 6 weeks carefree. Without itching, hard stubble, irritation and other discomforts you get after shaving your pubic area. So instead of shaving your intimate area, book a treatment at Delete! Our wax salon in Nieuwegein we share Cosmo Hairstyling and can be found at Stadsplein 5.

Men also welcome to wax in Nieuwegein

Getting your pubic area waxed in Nieuwegein at Delete is the best thing you can do. In fact, for women, but also certainly for men, not shaving the intimate area makes life, more beautiful and fun easier. That’s why our Wax Angels at Delete Academy are trained to treat truly everyone. They wax the intimate area of women and men in Nieuwegein every day. Because of this, the Boyzilian Wax, the Brazilian Wax for men, is becoming a popular hair removal method. And of course, men are also welcome at Delete to get the rest of their bodies waxed in Nieuwegein!

Waxing in Nieuwegein with the Delete Deal

There are so many benefits to Brazilian waxing in Nieuwegein! A Brazilian wax treatment at Delete is fast, comfortable and also very inexpensive. Especially when you take advantage of our special offer. In fact, with the Deletedeal, you get a big discount on every Brazilian wax treatment, and you get to visit as often as you want. As a member of Delete, this will save you an average of €140 per year! And would you like to get your legs or eyebrows waxed in Nieuwegein? On all other wax treatments you will receive a standard discount. And if you choose the Delete Deal and get waxed in Nieuwegein, you’ll also never have to buy expensive shaving gear like razors, shaving cream and shaving gel again. Win win win win!

The top 5 wax treatments in Nieuwegein

Delete has put waxing in Nieuwegein on the map! Our treatments are hugely popular with men and women. Have you yet to learn about the best hair removal method in the world? Then make an appointment now to get waxed in Nieuwegein! At our salon in Nieuwegein, these 5 treatments are hugely popular:

  1. Brazilian Wax
  2. Bikini Wax
  3. Legs Wax
  4. Boyzilian Wax
  5. Back Wax

Everything for before and after waxing in Nieuwegein

After waxing in Nieuwegein, you naturally want to enjoy the results of your treatment for as long as possible. That’s why Delete has developed products to help you prepare your skin for waxing in Nieuwegein, and products to care for your skin after waxing in Nieuwegein. From removing and preventing ingrown hairs with the Smooth Touch to exfoliating before waxing with the Soul Scrub, we have it all! The full range of pre- and aftercare products can be purchased after waxing in Nieuwegein or ordered online in the Delete shop. And do you have questions about Delete’s skin care products? Our Wax Angels will be happy to tell you all about the line pre- and aftercare!

Delete Professionals in Waxing

You can’t miss it: Delete Professionals in Waxing is the best salon to get waxed in Nieuwegein. Waxing your hairy skin at Delete is nowhere else as fast, comfortable, durable and inexpensive. Our Wax Angels are among the best wax specialists in the Netherlands and know exactly how to make the treatment as painless as possible. The secret? The special training at the Delete Academy as well as the one and only Delete wax. All Wax Angels working at Delete specialize in waxing your body and hair removal from underneath, the Brazilian wax. We prefer to leave head hair removal to the hairdressers at Cosmo Hairstyling. Unique to Delete in Nieuwegein is that you can combine a wax treatment with a new haircut! From waxing your eyebrows to waxing your intimate area, and from having your hair cut to having your hair dyed: at Stadsplein 5 in Nieuwegein, you can do it all.

Book your wax treatment in Nieuwegein

Enjoying 3 to 6 weeks of skin without unwanted hair growth is very close! All you have to do is make an appointment for the best Brazilian wax in town or your favorite treatment. Waxing in Nieuwegein can be done 6 days a week from early morning to late at night. Therefore, book now at Delete Nieuwegein. Then we’ll see you soon!


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