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Professional waxing in Utrecht? Our Wax Angels are here for you!

Delete Professionals in Waxing is the place to get waxed in Utrecht. Our Wax Angels specialize in the Brazilian Wax, but of course they lovingly wax the rest of your body as well.

Waxing in Utrecht

Waxing in Utrecht. Do you dare? Yes! That will be 3 to 6 weeks of enjoying a soft, smooth pubic area. You can easily make an appointment for Brazilian waxing on our website, payment in salon will follow later. And did you know that our Wax Angels wax not only your intimate area, but simply all parts of your body? Goodbye body parts covered with unwanted hair! To get the most out of waxing and Brazilian Waxing, Delete has even developed pre- and aftercare products. In short: waxing in Utrecht is done at Delete Professionals in Waxing. You can find us in Utrecht at no less than 3 different locations. Will you be waxing in Utrecht Oost, waxing in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn or will we see you in Utrecht Vredenburg?

Delete Professionals in Waxing

Welcome to Delete in Utrecht, the one and only professionals in waxing! Waxing in Utrecht is nowhere as nice as at Delete. After all, our Wax Angels know best how to make a Brazilian wax or waxing other body parts as comfortable and painless as possible. Our secret? Our unique method and the use of the famous Delete wax we use in our treatments. Waxing the pubic area the Brazilian way (the well-known Brazilian wax) is our specialty, but by now we are making a name for ourselves in the Netherlands with all our wax treatments. From waxing your eyebrows to waxing your legs: Delete Professionals in waxing does it all!

Book your wax treatment in Utrecht

Chances are you’re curious about where to go for the best Brazilian wax treatment if you live in Utrecht or near Utrecht. In fact, shaving the pubic area is really out of date, shaving only causes irritation. Also, hair removal on your legs, arms, back and the rest of your body is no longer an irritating chore when you choose waxing in Utrecht at Delete. What is waxing at Delete anyway? Waxing in Utrecht at Delete is the easiest and fastest way to a body without unsightly and unwanted body hair! All you have to do is make an appointment on our website at one of our three salons in Utrecht. Our Wax Angels, professionals who have successfully completed the Delete Academy in Amsterdam, will then do all the work for you.

Waxing in Utrecht, also for men

More and more men are realizing that waxing their pubic area is the way to get rid of hair on the intimate parts of their body for weeks. Not to mention all the men getting their chests, backs and legs waxed in Utrecht at Delete. You can hear it: the amount of men getting waxed by our Wax Angels in Utrecht is increasing. The Boyzilian Wax (the Brazilian wax for men) is the treatment that men book the most when they come to get waxed in Utrecht. No problem for our Wax Angels; Delete is a specialist in Brazilian waxing of women and men!

Cheap waxing in Utrecht

Are you planning to get waxed regularly in Utrecht? Then consider our unique membership deal that can save you around €140,- euro per year! That’s because the Delete Deal gives you a big discount on every Brazilian wax you book with us. But that’s not all. As a Delete member you will also receive a discount on all other wax treatments, and you can come and wax as often as you want in Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands. All in all, we make waxing in Utrecht and waxing in other cities in our country as affordable as possible for you! And don’t forget: if you choose to get waxed by Delete’s Wax Angels, you’ll never have to buy shaving supplies like razors, shaving gel and shaving cream again. Count your winnings.

In Utrecht buy pre-and aftercare from Delete products

To get the most out of your Brazilian wax treatment and all other wax treatments, Delete has developed its own line of grooming products. This makes waxing in Utrecht absolutely fantastic! Clearly, then, you are making the right choice when you choose to get waxed by a Wax Angel from Delete in Utrecht. Not only do our Wax Angels know how to make the wax treatment as comfortable as possible, they also know all about Delete’s care products. So they are happy to tell you how to prepare your skin for waxing with the Soul Scrub and how best to use the Smooth Touch after your treatment. For example, we have a cooling, moisturizing Angel Lotion that helps your skin recover after a treatment. But the line consists of more products! Are you coming to wax in Utrecht? Our Wax Angels will be happy to explain all about Delete’s pre- and aftercare products.

The top 5 wax treatments in Utrecht

Delete has made Brazilian waxing in Utrecht an absolute must! Waxing different body parts in Utrecht is possible with us 7 days a week and at 3 different locations in the city. Which treatment will you go for? Get inspired by our other clients! These 5 treatments are the most booked at salons in Utrecht:

  1. Brazilian Wax
  2. Legs Wax
  3. Bikini Wax
  4. Boyzilian Wax
  5. Back Wax

Book your wax treatment in Utrecht

Now it’s up to you. The moment when you will get acquainted with the best Brazilian wax in town or any other wax treatment is very near! The Wax Angels are all set and can’t wait to see you at one of the 7 salons. When are you coming over? Make an appointment at your favorite salon in Amsterdam right away!

For an overview of our treatments please visit our treatment page and to make an appointment directly click here.

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Brazilian wax at Delete Professionals in Waxing

Delete Professionals in Waxing offers the best Brazilian wax treatments in Netherlands. At Delete we are specialised in Brazilian wax. At the Brazilian wax is the pubic area completely cleared of hair. The Brazilian wax is a treatment for women. For men, we call this treatment a Boyzilian wax treatment. There are many variations on the Brazilian wax, among other things: the Brazilian comic, the Full Brazilian and Brazilian Triangle. Our team of Wax Angels knows them all and will ensure that you always satisfied with your wax treatment. What Brazilian wax treatment you’re looking for, you are going To Delete always satisfied way!